I had a busy schedule today. So dropping of the car and knowing that the service would be done early in the morning meant, I could take care of many things. In addition to the oil change, Steve's washed the car - it's been on a few country roads - and rotated the tires, swiftly, so I was back on the road with my several meetings and errands of the day. I'll drop by tomorrow so they can torque the lug nuts one more time for safety's sake. It's wonderful precaution they advice which makes a lot of sense since I learned that a friend's car lost a wheel on a 400 series highway. Scary. And easy to prevent.

5 Steve's Automotive 9/19/2017

Excellent service

4 Steve's Automotive 9/16/2017

very pleased with the work done and the staff was very polite

5 Steve's Automotive 9/14/2017

Awesome service

4.5 Steve's Automotive 9/12/2017

Excellent service as usual the truck works better than before,a lot better. Thanks.

5 Steve's Automotive 9/12/2017

Steve's a very friendly place At the counter when you enter. their service is 1st class. they will you everything they are going to do before they do it and then it is done well.

5 Steve's Automotive 9/8/2017

Fantastic service as usual.

5 Steve's Automotive 9/8/2017

Always great service

5 Steve's Automotive 8/26/2017

Fantastic Service!!!

5 Steve's Automotive 8/17/2017

Thanks again for prompt on time service, I am most appreciative

4.5 Steve's Automotive 8/14/2017